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Breathable Membrane & DPM

Prices are subject to change and are exclusive of VAT. Last update: 19/05/2019.

Polytheme 300MU BBA Black Damp Proof Membrane 4X25Mtr

A strict selective raw material policy ensures a consistently high quality DPM. Visqueen PIFA Damp Proof Membranes are a high quality range of polyethylene damp proof membranes. Manufactured from high quality reprocessed low density polyethylene (LDPE), Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes have successfully prevented moisture penetration from floors for many years.

- Colour: black (produced to PIFA Standard 6/83A:1995).
- Visqueen DPMs comply with the relevant Building Regulations and should be used in conjunction with the Visqueen Jointing System to ensure complete integrity of joints.
- Proven performance over many years.
- Manufactured from high quality reprocessed materials.
- 300 micron (1200 gauge).
- 4 metres wide x 25 metres long (100m2).

Price: £43.50

RoofTX® Maxi 1.5X50M 170G

The RoofTX@reg; range is a CE marked series of 3-layer vapour permeable/air barrier low resistance (LR) roofing underlays and breather membranes for walling - which allows the passage of moisture whilst also resisting the penetration of air. It is specifically designed to allow the ready transfer of moisture through the underlay, thereby reducing the risk of condensation in the roof structure.

It is has an excellent resistance to water penetration, water vapour transmission properties and reinforced properties. It is also is suitable for fully supported or unsupported, cold and warm, roofing applications. RoofTX® also offers excellent protection against the elements. The RoofTX® range is agreement certified by BBA in the UK for use in warm non-ventilated, cold ventilated and non-ventilated pitched roof systems and walling; as well as IAB certified in Ireland.

The RoofTX® range consists of six products of varying weight and construction to suit your roofing underlay or breather membrane requirements.

Vapour permeable, air barrier LR roofing underlay and breather membrane for walling
170 g/m2
3-layer laminate
CE Compliant
BBA Certified
IAB Certified

Price: £65.63